Client testimonials

Penny is brilliant! Her excellent writing skills transform complex research concepts into plain English for our websites, EDM’s and collateral. Penny has also compiled and written narratives for many degree programs to ensure we connect with our prospective students in an easy to understand format. Her work has guaranteed that we are ‘on point’ for our target markets. Well done Penny for exceptional work, and on time delivery. 

Vanessa Moore, School Manager, UNSW Chemical Engineering

Penny is a pleasure to work with and has exceeded my expectations in every way. From brief to delivery Penny is a professional. Her work has impressed me with its research, quality content and respect for deadlines. I have no doubt that she could adapt herself to any subject matter with great success. 

Melinda Cail, Editorial Coordinator Lighting Magazine, Rala Information Services

Penny Jones has an amazing ability to get to the heart of any story, to express scientific and engineering ideas with clarity and precision, and, very importantly, to get the work done on time. Penny is smart, compassionate, enthusiastic and professional. She has helped our academics individually and collectively express their vision and raise their profile. The great thing about Penny is that she will take on any task, and create something worthwhile, real and very readable from it. I highly recommend her services. 

Dr Mary O'Connell, External Relations Manager, UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Penny is an impressive communications professional. She is adept at developing and executing strategic communication plans around major change projects, with a consultative approach that ensures buy-in from stakeholders. She is able to come up with creative communication solutions, but is also exceptionally disciplined and methodical, with an eye for detail. Her very pleasant manner and personal style endears her to all she works with. I would recommend her without reservation. 

Greg Welsh, Deputy Director, Strategic Communications, University of Technology Sydney

Your description of the ‘slider’, a key innovation and tool in our research project, was fabulous. You articulated it so beautifully that we used your words in our Research Impact Award nomination. 

Alex Lawrie, Research Officer, Centre for Local Government, University of Technology Sydney

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for the time and care you've invested in this article. This really captures the essence of how learning.futures will roll out for my subjects in science. 

Dr Megan Phillips, UTS Plant Ecology Research & Undergraduate Student Support

WOW, that profile is amazing! Awesome work! 

Charlie Johnston, Co-President, MentorMe UNSW Society

Penny Jones has been a stalwart editorial eye and voice of reason in the final rush to the line. 

Andrew Jakubowicz, Professor of Sociology at University of Technology Sydney talking about a project to edit the 100,000 word book: Cyber Racism and Community Resilience

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