Do you ever get anxious? Yeah, me too. Do you find yourself catastrophising future scenarios in a confused and haphazard fashion? Yup, ditto. Do you dredge up the past, re-running old conversations with things you couldashoulda or woulda said? Bingo.

Lying on my back, palms to the sky, eyes closed, deep breath and let it all go. I let go of thinking and tune in to feeling; the body I live in rises and falls with my breath, my heart thuds a reassuring beat and my skin comes alive with the here and now. There go the soft brushstrokes ofthe breeze, the dainty scurrying of an ant, the luna landings of a flywatch it all with my mind’s eye but don’t interfere.

Flat out, under the yawning sky and the waltzing of 10,000 leaves, happily pass the responsibility of my limbs to gravity’s firm gripPiece by piece, with every passing breath, I let my body go. I start by detaching my feet and send them spinning slowly awayI do the same to my legs, pelvis, chest, back,shoulders, neck, head and face.

Now, what am I left with? Who is the ‘I’ that is left? Is it my soul, my heart, a formless fairy, a tinkerbell-like selfThere are many names but words fall shortAll I know is that I have breathed my way into a different reality; a place of peace away from the world of work, anxiety, time, space and matter.

A mind break is a time so deliriously precious and sweet.

At first, and for a long time aftercontrolling the mind is a tricky task. Unwanted thoughts, memories or things on the to-do list burst like popcorn from the broiling mind. Seemingly innocent kernels explode to goad and smother reason with their cloudy white innardsBefore you know it you’ve been diverted, tugged along on an ugly thought…

‘I’m not doing enough with my life…I’m wasting my time with him…I’m ugly…I’m fat…I hate my feet…my nose is too big…she doesn’t like me…my life sucks…I’m a loser.

Left unchecked, ugly thought trains, hurtling along on the track to discontentcan damage your calm, your day, your life.

So, take a mind break, lie back, forgive your foibles, learn to control your thoughts and be free, licked by a silken breeze under a tree.