Oh ho. What’s this? A delicious earthy whiff as a greeting; a decadent orgy of decay within.

I open the side door and drop to my knees in reverence. God it’s beautiful! A wriggling and wiggling mass of bodies: worms slip sliding and intertwining, an extended family of earwigs playing rough and tumble in an eggshell, slugs high fiving tentacles in an orgasm of delight; and who’s this? Mr Cockroach, you lucky duck, you’re in heaven aren’t you? My kitchen (your previous hangout) can’t compare to this smorgasbord of delicacies.

“Eewww!” The manicured adults say, catching a look.

Oh but this is not ugly, I explain passionately! Take off your blinkers and look, really look. This is no object for your disgust! Oh why can’t you see? This is a place of sacred life; this is a place of the highest and most honourable beauty, captured, captivating and generous. The bugs and their brothers and sisters work night and day for you, for your daily bread and they do it for free! Can you believe it? They do it for free!

I harvest a little, digging out some rich dark matter and plant a seed. Then I wait.